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Baytech Web Design Adds New Features to Mobile Web Development Service

San Jose, CA - July 4, 2012: Baytech Web Design, a Web Design and Development company situated in San Jose has added new features to the Mobile Web Development Service that are part of its web solutions services. The award winning company has been in the field since 2001 and is offering web solutions to its clients worldwide. 

In the present day world, when the density of mobile users is increasing day by day, there is an urgent need of websites designed and developed for mobile users. The number of mobile internet users and mobile web users has also gone up recently and it has almost witnessed an explosion recently. More and more companies have started getting websites for mobile users as it increases their penetration to the prospective clients. As per an estimate there were an estimated total of 5,981 million mobile cellular subscriptions worldwide in 2011 and 87 people out of 100 in the world have a mobile phone. These figures are shockingly great and as per a recent survey, every 7 in 10 mobile users conduct at least one web-based activity on their device. Thus, the scope is immense, even greater than the internet in some respect. 

In order to tap the rising mobile internet user base, Baytech has expanded the span of its mobile web development services so that more and more companies can have their mobile optimized website on the internet. This will not only open up a new market for them but will also open up new avenues. As part of the mobile web development services, Baytech offers total solutions, right from designing mobile web to optimizing it for mobile viewing by preserving the overall theme of the base website of the company. The mobile website will have an easy navigation besides highly mobile optimized features. 

Further detailing about the extent and scope of mobile websites, Claire Lin, lead project manager at Baytech Web Design said, “The mobile web is a new avenue that is still little explored and has potential that can change fortunes of businesses overnight.” As per an estimate, the mobile users are expected to grow to 1.7 billion by 2013 and businesses should get their mobile optimized websites before that in order to fully tap the potential of mobile web, added Lin. 

About Baytech Web Design

Baytech Web Design is an award winning web solutions provider company that started in 2001. It has been rated numero uno in web development by the Silicon Valley Business Journal in 2008. Baytech has designed, developed, promoted and carried out internet marketing campaigns and social media solutions for over 1000 websites since beginning and all of them are successfully driving profits to the clients. The client base includes non profits, new companies as well as some of the Fortune 500 companies. For more information, please visit www.baytechwebdesign.com, or call 408-533-8528.

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